Dirt Cheap .22 Ammo

Here is 200 rounds of .22 ammo purchased for a total of $8 at a yard sale. Although it is unusual to find any kind of ammo at a yard sale, it’s usually a bargain when you do find it. Retail for 100 rounds of .22 ammo is about $10. Be careful on the different types of .22 you may find. Notice the Super X box of 50 above is .22 short. Only .22 rifles specifically designated to fire .22 short will handle this size. The norm is .22 Long Rifle which is the size of the PMC Zapper ammo to the left. Every serious prepper should have a reliable .22 rifle such as the Ruger 10/22 or Remington Model 597. The .22 is not a defensive caliber. It serves as a means of harvesting small game like rabbit or squirrel and is a last ditch means of putting meat on the table. I know that for many readers the idea of eating a squirrel or rabbit is not your idea of a delicious meal, but it’s not bad at all. Take it from someone who grew up in rural West Virginia. Perhaps I can add some recipes later. Ammo for the .22 is cheap and even cheaper, if you find it at a yard sale. So, you can stock up on many hundreds of rounds with our breaking the bank. Also, storing .22 ammo is never a problem. It is so small, you can store a great number of rounds easily where you could not store the same number of rounds for a larger caliber. I would keep it locked up of course. Finally the inexpensive nature of .22 ammo allows you to practice a lot with out spending a fortune and practice will be the key to actually using it for its intended purpose.   – rjw

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